How to Care for Fire-Bellied Newts

I received an email from someone who wanted to know how to care for fire-bellied newts so I decided to share a couple care sheets I found with you. 

I personally do not have my aquarium set up the way explained in the care sheets.  My aquarium is described in my blog: How we like our tank set up

My particular newts like to eat crickets, waxworms and nightcrawlers.  I have to cut the worms into a reasonable size for the newts to swallow or they will ignore the food.  I love to dangle the worm at the end of a toothpick and watch the newts go after it.

But, I imagine the people writing the following care sheets have more experience than myself so you may want to set up your aquarium like they describe.


5 Responses

  1. hi my newt wont eat i have tried everything and i dont know wot to do plz plz HELP!!!

    • do not worry if u have just got ur newt it is normal just leave it some time to get used to its area but if not just purrchised the ur newt may be sick or u may have changed the food to sudenly and u shold go back to what u where feeding it before the same thing happend to my newts once.

  2. hello, i have recently purcahsed three baby firebell toads, i love them to death, but i recently bought an additional firebelly newt, they seem to enjoy each other. they swim together and cuddle as well. i really enjoy my pets and am very please to say their behavior around each other is very positive

  3. Hi there,

    I’m considering getting a firebelly for my paludarium, but I have a few concerns. Do they eat snails? I’m asking because I have a population of little snails in there and don’t really want them to get eaten… Also, do these newts require the company of their own kind, or could I get only one?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. what happens if your newt wont eat

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