Greenie and Brownie have arrived!

We are Brownie and Greenie – the fire-bellied toads.  We are new to this house.  April and Trumpet (the green elephant) brought us home about two weeks ago.  April seems to think we are much larger than 2 inches because she has been putting a lot of crickets in with us to eat.  We heard her say the other day we are getting too fat so we think the crickets will not be flowing as much as they have been.  April likes us so much she is giving us our own blog.  But, she said we have to talk about the other animals in her and Trumpet’s menagerie.  We won’t mind talking about the fish, the bird, the newts and especially the crickets (YUM!!!).  But, we are going to try to put our feet down about talking about that snake!  It is disgusting!


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