Can Fire-bellied Toads and Newts Live Together?

Okay, we are going to let you know what others think about housing fire-bellied toads and fire-bellied newts together.

Below our article are links that discuss the potential dangers of housing us together.  They have very valid reasons NOT to put fire-bellied toads and fire-bellied newts in the same terrarium or aquarium.

We have been together for over a year and April or Tony has watched us for hours on end during that time and have yet to see any stress between us, etc.

We (all of us – newts and toads) are approximately the same size and that may be why us toads do not see the newts as a food source.  Or, it could be pure luck that we do not eat the newts. 

Randall1 and Randall2 (the newts) will actually decide on their own to come over to us toads and cuddle.  That obviously shows they are not stressed by our presence in the tank.

Although we do not question the opinions expressed in the following links, we have decided to stay together for the time being.

Our recommendation to new owners or owners that have had previous bad experiences is to house us separately.  Unless you will be watching us carefully and be prepared to separate us by having another housing area ready nearby if it is needed.

Here are the links we mentioned earlier:

Kind Regards,

Brownie, Greenie and Limey





10 Responses

  1. I wanted to thank you for all of this awesome info! I took alot of pointers from your website and have sucessfully set up and am now running a newt and toad tank. They are so awesome. I should really tell you that they are supposed to be my daughters BUT I think I love them and enjoy them even more than she does!

  2. hi there, I live in MD and can’t find anywhere who sells or breeds FB Newts! I’ve been looking for at least a year, can you help me out? I’d be willing to buy one online as long as it’s safely shipped thx so much
    -newtless anna

  3. Wow thanks, i was about to put a pair of firebelly toads, and a pair of firebelly newts togeather. i use to think the newts were more stronger, but i guess not.
    Tnx for the info.

  4. we have 6 newts and 1 toad all fire bellied and they live in a 50 gal tank and enjoy each other

  5. The people at the pet store said there would be no problem housing firebelly toads and newts together. However, after introducing a second toad into the tank we seem to be missing our smallest newt and have a fat new toad. I had seen our previous toad go after the newts before, but no one ever got hurt or disappeared. I have moved the newts to a separate housing to ensure their safety.

  6. Fire bellied toads are SO aggressive – they’ll gang up and bully anything and everything – my fire bellied newts were not very happy.

    They are communal and have a strict ‘pecking order’, they will fight over food — long after the food has been eaten!

    Such comical little creatures though.

  7. i have a fire belly toad and i really wanted a fire belly newt but i didn’t know if they are nice to each other but i guess not. so thank you for all the info on this and do you know if fire belly toads eat earth worms cause i saw it on a video and i wanted to try it but i didn’t know if it would be safe or not.

  8. I have 4 fb toads, 4 fb newts, 2 tetras, 2 guppies, and 2 snails in my tank. they’ve all been together for at least a year with zero problems

  9. how do u deal with the toxicity issue and what do you think of the anecdotal evidence that it shortens the lifespan of both species. (e.g. newts that can get to 30 years old not really getting much past 5 or 8)

  10. Thanks for the helpful info! We have them in separate tanks, but the toads are better located in the house and get more attention. Good to think about.

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