Fire-Bellied Newts – Fun Facts

 Newt belly  


Fire-bellied newt have glands that secrete toxins.  This can cause skin irritations and may be poisonous to some animals.  Do NOT handle your fire-bellied newts unless you absolutely have to and after touching them wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

There are two kinds of newts that are referred to as fire-bellied newts commonly kept as pets.  The Cynops orientalis is the Chinese fire-bellied newt (also called the oriental fire-bellied newt or the dwarf fire-bellied newt) and the Cynops purrhogaster is the Japanese fire-bellied newt.

The Chinese fire-bellied newt, Cynops orientalis is approximately 3-4 inches long (6-10 cm), with smooth skin that is dark brown to black over most of their body.  Their fire-belly usually has orange as the predominant color. They have poison glands on the sides of their head.  Randal1 and Randal2 are Chinese fire-bellied newts.

The Japanese fire-bellied newt, Cynops pyrrhogaster, is approximately 3.5 to 5 inches long (9-12 cm) with a rough or bumpy appearance to the skin.  Usually its fire-belly is more of a speckled pattern of red-orange. They have poison glands on the side of their head.

Fire-bellied newts will regulate their intake of food and do not usually become obese even if food is available at all times


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  1. my newt is not eating and i never have seen him eat…..what should i do??

    • umm im not sure why it is not eating maybee its becuz wat your feeding it my newts love frozen bloodworms

    • Put in only one pellet/cricket/piece of food in and watch from a distance. If u r 2 close, it will feel in danger and hide untill u “leave” or untill it feels safe. If your frog trusts u enough, it will eat straight out of ur hand like mine does.( I have had mine for a while, so dont be sad when it wont eat out of ur hand @ first.

    • he probably is eating i thought that too until i saw that the food was gone put the food inside the cage and what a day or two later check on it and see if the food is still there if it is you should probably ask a veterinarian that has experience in aquatic life

  2. i want one!

  3. is it ok to use dark lighting like blue, purple, or black for Chinese Fire-Bellied Newts?
    Where should you leave the food for them to eat…is on a rock above water fine?

  4. My fellow on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.

  5. i have a newt and had a fire bellied toad, a friend gave them to me and im not sure how long she had them i had both of them for at least 3 months and didnt really have problems except the toad would sit on top of my newt and she did not like it at all. i didn’t know they shouldnt live together but one of her hands is alot smalled than the other. which is probably from the toad bitting her. even though i havent seen it FIRE BELLIED TOADS AND FROGS WILL BIT AT NEWTS! and can kill them from bitting them to death or from infections after being bit. needless to say i no longer have my toad. they are very pretty but should NOT be put in the same tank as newt. goldfish can also bit and kill your newt, there are certin fish that can live with your newt but goldfish is not one. for fish that can live in peace with your newt, google it:]

  6. also i have never seen my newt eat but i know she eats because i only put one piece of food in her a tank at a time. and check later to see if she has eaten.
    newts only need fed every 2-3 days. and do best with blood worms. alot of newts refuse repto min [the little green pieces].

  7. dear mckena, try feeding it bloodworms…the frozen kind is the most common. put them in front of it and it will eat immediately. um…i keep my fire bellied toads and newt together…is that okay?: on every website, i see that the answer is no but ive kept them together for a month and no problems of finding newt skeletons have shown up so far…
    except i see that its leg has a little bit of chafeing (skin is damaged) on it…did the toad do that?:

  8. get more info please

  9. i had 2 but 1 got out thats why they have to be wet well i found her shriveled up after two days so now i have only one

  10. i came home one day to find my newt had escaped, i was devastated. i searched high and low but could not find him and gave up after a few days as there is a cat and thought the worst.
    I had spent so much time and effort on the tank i went to buy toads the following week. As i was changing the water for the toads my external filter stopped cycling the water, so i opened up the lid and THERE WAS MY NEWT. It had clambered through the pipe (about 2 foot long and looped upside down) and somehow managed to survive in the filter???? no food, i dont know how he found oxygen. cheeky monkey. His name is isaac and he defied gravity.

  11. Newts look so nice for a pet

  12. I have enjoyed owning guppies and cory cats, and I’ve thought of owning dwarf frogs – all of which do well together, as far as I know. I was wondering if I could house these animals together with a fire-bellied newt? Or if the newt would be toxic or otherwise dangerous to my other animals?

  13. Can you put them with fire belled toads?

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