How to Care for Fire-Bellied Newts

I received an email from someone who wanted to know how to care for fire-bellied newts so I decided to share a couple care sheets I found with you. 

I personally do not have my aquarium set up the way explained in the care sheets.  My aquarium is described in my blog: How we like our tank set up

My particular newts like to eat crickets, waxworms and nightcrawlers.  I have to cut the worms into a reasonable size for the newts to swallow or they will ignore the food.  I love to dangle the worm at the end of a toothpick and watch the newts go after it.

But, I imagine the people writing the following care sheets have more experience than myself so you may want to set up your aquarium like they describe.


Moving Fire-bellied Toads and Fire-bellied Newts


Well, we made the big move from Denver, Colorado to a small town in Wyoming.

 It was a long ride but we didn’t get cold and everyone lived through it.

April put us (Limey, Greenie, Brownie, Randal1 and Randal2) into a small aquarium with just an half-inch of water in the bottom.  She was nice enough to add some plants for us to hide in and to soften any bumps along the way.  Then we rode on the floor of the car in the front seat to be near the heater.  Not too close–we didn’t want to get too hot.

We arrived at the new house just fine.  We haven’t acted very hungry but we are just adjusting to the new environment.

We would like to add a note for future reference.  Do not put crawfish in with toads and newts!  April put a crawfish in with us because they eat guppies and she hoped it would reduce the number of guppies in the fish tank.  Well,  a crawfish will eat anything it can get a hold of and it holds on real tight!  Randal1 is now missing about 1/8th off the end of his tail and Limey’s webbing on his foot was being chewed off when April saw what was happening and removed the crawfish.

We found out who was her favorites when the crawfish disappeared and we’re still here.

Kind Regards,

Limey, Greenie, Brownie, Randal1 and Randal2