9 reasons why fire-bellied toads and newts got their name

Fire-bellied.  Why?  Let us count the ways.

1.  newt-under-water-showing-belly.jpg

2.  07-12-16-limey-close-up-front-showing-belly-resized.jpg

3.  07-12-16-randal-2-showing-his-chest.jpg

4.  07-12-16-limey-partly-submerged-showing-off-belly.jpg

5.  07-12-16-randal-2-front-face-shot-showing-underside-resized.jpg

6.  07-12-17-limey-showing-off-underbelly.jpg

7.  07-12-16-randal-2-close-up-showing-underside.jpg

8.  11-23-greenie-showing-belly2.jpg

9. 07-12-16-limey-foreground-randal-2-background.jpg


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