We Love Waxworms!


We are Randal 1 and Randal 2 – the fire-bellied newts.

April cleaned our aquarium again last weekend and we really like the new way she put our digs together this time.

Lots of rocks to sun on and hide under.  But this time we really like those plants (they are fake – but that is okay) that are long enough that their tops float on the water.  We can walk on them and play in the water without actually having to get real wet.

April can’t figure out why we don’t like to get wet.  Other fire-bellied newts seem to like to swim around, but she never sees us just swimming around the tank.  Perhaps it is because she makes it so nice and easy to stay out of the water by giving us lots of rocks, etc.  It could be those other fire-bellied newts are kinda forced to swim that much if they don’t have enough land area to bask on.

She got a good video of Randal 2 eating a waxworm the other day and wanted to put it on the blog.  That is why Greenie and Brownie let us write the blog today.

Which reminds us of the newbie in our digs – Limey – the fire-bellied toad April brought home on Sunday.

April thinks he or she is so cute.  We think it is a pain.  As mentioned in previous blogs we don’t move very often or very fast and every time we moved Limey jumped at us the first two days he was here.  He even had the gall to try to bite Randal 2’s tail when he moved it!  Like Randal 2’s tail looks like a cricket.  Not!

And, he was so embarrassing to be by when that cricket hopped on his head and he didn’t even know it.  He looked like a frog with a crown on his head.

The worst part about Limey is he is so inconsiderate.  He jumps on us and then just sits there.  Thankfully April got some good pictures of him doing all these stupid things.  She made a video of him also and maybe he will watch it and get a clue that he is a pain.

Have fun watching our video.

Kind Regards,

Randal 1 and Randal 2

newts-stacked.jpg  Randal 1 and 2


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