Just Hanging Out

Today we are just hanging out. 

April cleaned our tank and we were pretty mad for awhile, but she always makes it look a little different each time and it is nice to have new areas to explore.

But, when she is cleaning the tank she puts us and the newts into tall container.  That gets us sooooo mad!  We try to jump out but it is too high.  Today Brownie tried to crawl out.  He slowly climbed straight up the side of the container.  Just as he was an inch from the top April told him he had to get down and picked him up and put him back on the bottom of the container.

By the way, if you have fire-bellied newts and/or fire-bellied toads make sure there is a good cover on the tank they are in.  Randal1 and Randal2 our newt friends don’t move much, but they can climb right up the side of the tank.  Randal1 climbed up the side of the tank today and just stayed stuck there for hours.  If the tank didn’t have a cover on it he could have crawled right out.  Not a good idea for a newt or a toad since there isn’t enough moisture in the carpet to keep us alive.  If we crawled out the next thing we would be is a knickknack for the shelf all dried up and dead!

We put together a family photo album for you to view.  Have fun!

Kind Regards,

Greenie and Brownie

Greenie under water   Greenie



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