We Adopted an Orangutan – Kesi

Kesi hanging around    Kesi ‘child born in difficult times’
Kesi is missing her left hand because some horrible human cut it off!
Who said fire-bellied toads can’t make a difference?
Okay, so April actually did the work of adopting her, but we’re part of the family too.  That makes us siblings to an orangutan.  No, we know orangutans did not evolve from toads.  Especially since evolution is and always will be a theory not a fact.  But, through adoption we can be siblings.
 Right now we have one sibling orangutan named Kesi but we are working on April to adopt some more.
Kesi is a Swahili name which means ‘child born in difficult times.’  This is actually an African name and although there are no orangutans in Africa, because of Kesi’s beginning in life the name suits her well.
You can read her whole story by adopting her at http://redapes.org/index.php.
Kind Regards,
Brownie and Greenie
Brownie  Brownie
Greenie  Greenie

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