Orangutans – Why did God make them?

Hi everyone,

Well, we watched with millions of others the new show on TV called “Orangutan Island.”

April has always loved orangutans and so we thought we’d check out why she thinks they are so special.

orangs in a wheelbarrel      Now we know. . .

These beautiful creatures are just plain good for the eyes.  They have all the qualifications for a great plush toy animal.  Hauntingly beautiful and intelligent large dark eyes, cuddly soft reddish fur, long gentle arms to be hugged by, large fluffy body to hold close.

The real orangs have such a gentle nature that it has caused many of them to suffer being caged in small crates for humans to look at.  How could anyone be cruel to one of God’s most wonderful creations?

We do not condone, but we do understand why many endangered species are poached.  So many people in the world are starving and willing to kill any animal to eat or sell to put food on their table and clothing on their children.  Of course, not all poachers are in this category.  Many are greedy and just as long as they can make lots of money during the short time they are on this earth it is all they consider.  Others just like the sport of butchering an endangered animal and are so selfish they could care less about the animal they kill or their own children’s future on this earth.

But, what we don’t understand is capturing living animals and torturing them either directly with pain or placing them in cages to be pets and then letting them suffer slowly.

As far as we can tell no orangutan has ever killed a human being so what have they done to deserve such treatment?

They have been too gentle, too beautiful and too ready to accept love.  Humanity could learn a lesson from the orangutans and that is perhaps why God made these wonderful creatures.

Kind Regards,

Brownie and Greenie


WOW!  Someone actually read our blog!  Check out the comment below and also

Check out Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation www.savetheorangutan.co.uk or their new partner in the States, Orangutan Outreach at www.redapes.org.


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  1. I hope visitors to your blog will look at how to help these orangutans. In order to support the efforts of the project shown in Orangutan Island (the largest primate rescue operation in the world looking after more than 800 rescued orangutans!) you should visit the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (www.savetheorangutan.co.uk) or our new partner in the States, Orangutan Outreach at http://www.redapes.org.
    Please help.

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