Fluffy the Snake

 We haven’t written in a while.  We’ve been busy eating and growing.  We are now very comfortable in our new pad.
Since there isn’t much new happening April said it would be a good time to tell you about the snake – Fluffy.  07-04-fluffy_renamed_8536.jpg
We may as well get this over with.  Yes.  There is a snake in the house.
He was here before us and April says he is not going anywhere so we may as well get used to it.
We will tell you what April thinks of Fluffy — not what we think of him.
Fluffy came to live with April about 3 years ago.  He was a teeny little thing at the time.  Only about 2 inches long and thinner than a pencil.  April says he was very cute.  What do you think?
Fluffy Day 1          Fluffy Day1
Fluffy is a corn snake.  He was born in captivity and April purchased him from a very nice reptile store in Denver, Colorado called Scales and Tales (which is where we came from also).  They specialize in reptiles and have a good reputation in Denver.
Fluffy is red and orange with what is called a saddle-back pattern.  He started out eating tiny mice called pinkies but has worked up to now eating small rats.
He used to shed his skin every time he ate, but now he sheds his skin about every other time he eats.
Fluffy as baby
Snakes don’t need to eat very often and Fluffy eats about every 4-6 weeks.  After which he curls up somewhere warm and digests his big meal.
Fluffy after a rat  See how big he gets after eating a rat!
He has a wooden bird house and a short, squat ceramic vase in his home that he spends time in after eating depending on whether he wants warmth or cool.  Snakes have to rely on the outside temperature to regulate their own temperature so they need a heating element somewhere and Fluffy has one stuck to the bottom of one side of his aquarium that he lives in.
Fluffy in ceramic vase  The king watching over his kingdom.
Snakes also drink a lot of water.  Especially after eating a furry mouse.  Sometimes he hovers over the water bowl for 5 minutes drinking.  He will put his face down into the water and suck it up like horses do occasionally.
Corn snakes like to climb so April built a tower out of old cardboard boxes in his cage for him to climb up.
But he doesn’t need those to climb.  He will go straight up from the bottom of the aquarium and find a “foot” hold on the lip of the aquarium and squeeze his body on the lip.  Then he starts to move around the lip raising more and more of his body onto it until he finally slips and THUMP! he falls back to the bottom of the aquarium.
April and Fluffy     This is how long he is now.
Kind Regards,
Greenie & Brownie
Greenie under water    Greenie
10-29-07-greenie-and-waxworm.jpg     Brownie

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