New Study Proves Fire-Bellied Toads Will Eat Dead Food!

This is a special news bulletin.
We have obliterated the myth that fire-bellied toads only eat live food.
April and her experimenting has shown that fire-bellied toads will eat waxworms after they are dead.
She attached a dead waxworm to a toothpick and wiggled it in front of Greenie.  Greenie did not hesitate to attack and eat it.
Brownie came jumping over when she saw Greenie eating and April got her to eat a dead waxworm also.
Thinking this may be a one time event she tried the next day to get Greenie and Brownie to eat dead waxworms.  Yes!  It worked again.
Thus, goes the myth that fire-bellied toads will only eat live food right along with the world is flat.
Please keep in mind, even though we will eat dead waxworms, they are not the only food we should eat.  We really need lots of crickets.  We should eat crickets 9 times more than waxworms.  Also, it is very important that the crickets are gut-feed (have just eaten a lot and have a gut full of food) in order for us to get the nutrition we need.  And, don’t forget the calcium powder.
Which brings us to crickets and what they eat.  April has been feeding ours orange slices.  They have grown a lot.  But, after they got so big they stopped eating off the orange slices as much as before and seemed to stop growing.  So, she put a dead waxworm in with them.  They all ran over and it was gone in about 1 minute.  We are hoping that now they will get even bigger and we will be having larger portions in the near future.
Next, April will attempt to get us to eat dead crickets.
We will be adding another feeding video soon.  It is a much better video of us feeding.
We have a video of Randall 1 eating waxworms off a toothpick and we’ll see about putting that one up at a later time.
Kind Regards,
Greenie and Brownie
P.S. April wants us to add that Greenie is a very aggressive eater and that should factor into the fact he will eat dead waxworms.  An example of him being an aggressive eater was when she fed Randall 1 a waxworm today.  Greenie tried to eat the waxworm after it was already in Randall 1’s mouth.  He had all of Randall 1’s head in his mouth!  He did this twice before April could get a flat rock in between them to keep him away from Randall 1.

2 Responses

  1. Yes, I’ve sometimes got my firebellies to eat dead food.

    The problem seems to be – they will grab something that is ‘jiggled around’ in front of them, but – if it stops moving – they won’t swallow it. It’s a way of avoiding eating pieces of debris floating in the water I suppose.

    I waited till they were really hungry, and put small pieces of defrosted shrimp on the end of a piece of fine fuse wire. When they grabbed it, I kept jiggling it around while it was in their mouths – otherwise they did not swallow it.

    I’m hoping that the pigments in the shrimps may brighten up the colour of their undersides.


  2. this was very helpful!! i am getting a fire toad either today or tomorrow and i couldn’t stand the thought of having to hear crickets before they are eaten!! THX!

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