Hunting Crickets – by Brownie and Greenie

Did we have fun today!
We went hunting for crickets.  We have to admit we are pretty good predators when it comes to hunting those wiley crickets.  Even though Brownie missed one of two in the excitement.
April puts the long black tube from the cricket keeper into the aquarium which is filled with crickets and knocks it against a rock.  This makes Greenie perk up and turn around to check it out.  Greenie just waits near the bottom of the tube for the crickets to immerge and then VOILA! a cricket for supper.
Brownie has been more timid but is starting to catch on to the “tube in home–crickets for supper” routine.  She still doesn’t like anyone or anything to make sudden moves.  If that happens she is quick to hop as high and far as she can.
Enjoy our home video!
Brownie & Greenie

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