Our Fish Friends – by Greenie and Brownie

It’s time to tell you about our fish friends that live in our aquarium with us.

We showed you the male guppy and the babies in another blog.  Here is the female and male guppy.  They don’t stay still very long so April has a hard time getting a decent picture of them.  Guppies  They’ve been living here for about 6 months now.  We don’t know how many babies she may have had but right now there are three hiding among the rocks.

The neon tetras are really pretty.  They slow down and even stay still for long periods of time.  April has no problem taking their picture.  neon tetras  One of them has been here a year and the other two came when the guppies showed up about 6 months ago.

We don’t know the name of this third fish.  These guys are shooters!  They shoot here and they shoot there.  April had to be very, very patient and use some special settings on her camera to get this picture.  striped  They came at the same time as the guppies.  Does anyone know what they are called?

All of these fish love frozen brine shrimp.  They go crazy when they get fed that!  But they also eat the crickets that hop into the water from land.  And, they love waxworms just like everyone else in this tank.

You don’t fool me.  That waxworm is dead.  I don’t eat dead food and you know it.  10-29-07-greenie-and-waxworm.jpg  That April is always testing us.

Back to the fish.  There are a few other fish in the tank.  But, they don’t swim around much.  They stay on the bottom and clean up the mess the rest of us make.

Brownie says she has given up trying to take private showers.  She says everyone watches her.  10-29-07-brownie-shower-with-greenie-watching.jpg

Greenie especially loves the new hiding places he has since the tank was cleaned and rearranged.  Greenie under water          10-29-07-greenie-under-rock.jpg

I guess next time we have to tell you about the snake.  YUCK!!!  We are trying to put that off as long as possible.

Kind Regards,

Greenie & Brownie

Greenie and Brownie


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