Newts are our Friends – by Greenie

I think we can breath easy now.  The newts seem to be okay.  They even became more photogenic in the last 24 hours.  We have named them Randall One and Randall Two (after a monster in Monsters, Inc.).

Newt close up

Yesterday Randall One, who we have not seen eating, ate a piece of waxworm off of a toothpick that April held for her.  She had to be enticed it to eat, but finally did.

After that cuddling the other night.

Newts cuddling

We are now wondering if we have a male and a female newt in our midst.  Perhaps the lack of appetite on Randall One’s part was because of that.  Does anyone out there know if a female or male newt would not eat if they were breeding?

Anyway, these two newts have become our fast friends.  I spent the day on one side of the tank with Randall One and Brownie (who seems to be avoiding me) spent the day on the other side of the tank with Randall Two yesterday.

Newt belly  Here is Randall One showing off her fire-belly.  The crickets on her head are there to keep out of the water.  Those little devils will go anywhere to get as high up as possible.  They don’t realize how close they are to the jaws of death in this picture.

Our tank was thoroughly cleaned yesterday.  This needs to be done about every other week with the way it is set up.  Many tanks for fire-bellied toads need to be cleaned every week, or even more often, since they have less water to absorb our waste products and our toxin and get too dirty for us to live in much sooner.

In the process of cleaning we found three baby guppies.  (I guess that male and female guppie have been busy). 

 Baby Guppies        10-28-07-male-guppy.jpg

April gave us permission to use them as a food source if we wish.  So far we have been happy with the crickets and waxworms.  But, if April goes away for a period of time we may start looking at the fish as a meal.

That’s about all that is happening here today.  I just wanted to give you an update on the newt’s progress.

I think I’ll go over and find out why Brownie is avoiding me.  She sure is beautiful.  Don’t you agree?

Brownie’s belly  Check out her fire-belly.  Isn’t that the most beautiful toad in the world?

Kind Regards,


Greenie showing fire-belly


3 Responses

  1. these are so cool……..i really want one of each but i dont know how to take care of them or how to feed them please help

  2. Check out my blog for information on caring for fire-bellied newts.

  3. Don’t mean to but in here, But.. In Alot Of Cases (Because Fire Belly Toads Contain More Toxins) Fire belly newts May Start to rot away limbs and get very sickly if housed together. So I would not recommend it, But It Might Work, Who Knows!?

    Just don’t want to see Poor newts Die Slowly and painfully =P

    Enough Ranting. Happy Newt/toad Keeping.


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