The morning shower – by Brownie

Hi everyone,

First, I want to discuss courtship.

Why can’t a male fire-bellied toad take no for an answer?

I hid in the corner near a rock all day yesterday and all night last night while Greenie floated in the water barking like a puppy.

I know what he wants, but I’m making it very plain to him I’m not interested, right?

Obviously NOT!

The second I moved to eat breakfast he was after me. Courtship1

He grabs me and hugs me sooo tight.   Courtship

I tried to push him away, but he REALLY thinks I love him.  How can men be so stupid? I bet he thinks because he is the only man in my world that I have to love him.

Well, I finally got rid of him and then guess what?

I go to take a morning shower.   Brownie heading to shower

And, April shows up starts taking pictures of me in the shower.

shower2       Brownie in shower

Well, that was the last straw!  I stomped out of the shower and am now back in my corner pouting.

Brownie getting out of shower

Kind Regards,

One Frustrated Brownie


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