About Waxworms and Newts


Today we want to discuss waxworms and newts.

Newt           Newt

April brought home some live waxworms for the newts and she offered one to Greenie who “jumped” at the chance to try one.  He literally JUMPED at it and stuffed it in his mouth.  It was too big to fit in his mouth without a lot of shoveling in with his front feet.  But, eventually he consumed the whole worm and looked around for more.

Later she offered one to Brownie and she ate a whole worm too!

So, it has been decided that fire-bellied toads also love their waxworms.  We understand they are better than mealworms because waxworms outer bodies aren’t as hard as the mealworms.  April thinks they all look the same way to her – YUCK!  But YUCK to one critter is YUMMMM to another.

Now, to the reason the waxworms were brought home in the first place.

Those fire-bellied newts that came home with us from the pet store just aren’t as lively as we are.  The first couple days both of them would eat dead crickets at the bottom of the tank and thawed brine shrimp placed in the tank for the fish. 

Then they just stopped moving around the tank.  One of them stays submerged just under the water line with his head above the water and the other one just lays under the rock tent.  We never see the one that lays under the rock go anywhere or eat anything.   April became concerned.  She had fed them both a waxworm when we first came to live with her and they seemed to love it.  So, she stopped at the pet store and bought some fresh live waxworms to try to entice the newts to eat and move around more.

The newt that stays submerged gobbled a waxworm up right away, but the newt under the rock tent is not interested.  He isn’t dead and if he “accidently” gets shoved into the water by April he swims around and then climbs right back up onto the rocks.  April has checked during the night to see if they are moving around then but they have always been in the exact same places they are during the day.

Does anyone out there know if this is normal activity for a newt?  We sure would like to make them happier, so if you have any suggestions we would like them.

We also need names for the newts.  We are open to suggestions.

Sorry about the bad pictures of the newts, but they aren’t very photogenic either.  We’ll keep trying to get better pictures of them.

10-27-07 Update:

Well, they are still alive and kicking.  Last night they were cuddling.  Isn’t that sweet?

Newts cuddling

Kind Regards,

Greenie and Brownie

Greenie and Brownie


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