What we want

Hi again, 

April said we should tell you about what we want.  Just in case someone out there sees us and says, “Boy, I would love to have one of those fire-bellied toads as a pet.”

 We are fairly easy to keep but do require some attention.  Things you need to know before you decide you want one of our kind in your house are:

  1. Aquarium or equivalent:  We need land and water.  April fills her 20 gallon aquarium up quite high because she has fish.  But then she has piled a lot of interesting items up in the aquarium and then laid rocks across that are out of the water.  She gave us some good hiding places (one of them is always being used by the newt though) since we do appreciate our privacy. 
  2.  We only eat live food.  Crickets are our favorites, but April has read that we will eat waxworms, mealworms and other worms.  So far, we haven’t eaten anythiing but crickets.  We do love those crickets!  YUMMMY!
  3.  We need to be fed about every other day.  April has been told we could go without for a week if absolutely necessary.  But, we don’t want to try it.  We heard she heads out to Hawaii with her hubby about every other year and we do hope she has her neighbors come over and feed us while she is gone.
  4.  We really like a filter in our aquarium because we accumulate quite a bit of waste and get our home pretty dirty without one.
  5. We don’t require a heater but love a light to bask in.  We like the water to be about 75-78 F or 24-25C.
  6. We need our water changed regularly.  You see, we are toxic – we try to tell everyone with our red bellies – and although we aren’t extremely toxic any other animals in the aquarium with us could get sick or die if the water isn’t changed regularly.
  7. Here is a good site to read up on how to take care of us at About.com Exotic Pets

 There are a lot of great sites about fire-bellied toads.  The one we really like is at Frogland.  They have a lot of good information and fun things there. 

Later we get to tell you about our crickets.  YUM!  We get to watch them grow and grow.  Then, April puts some in our house and we gobble them up!

 Kind Regards,

Greenie & Brownie




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