Hello world!

We started this blog to tell you about us – fire-bellied toads – and our friends.  First, we are Brownie and Greenie the fire-bellied toads that live with April and Trumpet (the green elephant).  Brownie is a girl and Greenie is a boy.  Right now Greenie is in the mating mood and has been singing or calling for a mate.  Last night he woke April up and she thought a puppy was in the kitchen.  Nope!  It was Greenie checking out the girl scene.  Unfortunately, for Greenie (and perhaps Brownie also) there is only one girl on the scene – Brownie.  So far, she has not been happy with Greenie’s pick up lines.  We’ll let you know how it goes.  Got to go for now.  Will write more later when April has more time to type for us.

– Kind Regards, Brownie and Greenie

Brownie    Brownie        

    Greenie fire-bellied toad close upGreenie


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  1. please write more about your awesome toads and newts!!! i cant get enough!

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